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About San Polio Survivors
San Diego Polio Survivors is an unoffical, all volunteer, non-commerical, organization that meets to share information about polio and post polio syndrome (PPS) for those who live in the San Diego County area.
Benefits of Becoming Involved or Attending a Meeting
The primary purpose of San Diego Polio Survivors is to share information relating to polio that would be beneficial to our regular members or guests. The information we provide is collected from: guest speakers, other members's experiences, current and past periodicals, web sites, and published works related to the treatment of, and for, polio and post polio syndrome (PPS).

Anyone can become a member. If you don't live in San Diego County you can become a "virtual" member, thanks to the internet, by contacting us. You will be added to our electronic mailing list and will be notified by e-mail when new information is posted on our web site.

Join by going to the "Contact Us" page.

Supporting and Educating Each Other

Polio as a child

Sometimes when someone experiences a disability or medical condition they feel as though they are surviving the condition alone. Family members and friends have difficulty understanding what the survivor is feeling and experiencing. By joining our group you will be able to meet others who also have experienced polio and may now exhbit symptoms of Post Polio Syndrome (PPS). You can learn from their experiences. You will soon realize that you are not alone.

We also have have a library of literature relating to polio and PPS available for anyone who would like it.

At most meetings we have expert guest speakers such as physicians, physical and breathing therapists, and counselors that provide current information revelent to the group. Other times members themselves make presentations on information they have accquired from conferences and personal experiences.

Check out the "Calander of Events" section of this website to see a listing of upcoming speakers and activites.

You will find a links and resources page on this web site.

The links page will direct you to other websites that contain valuable information for the polio survivor.

The resources page lists information and resources that have been contributed by members of our group.

San Diego Polio Survivors